Monday, January 17, 2011

I Totally Learned How to Tie a Tie for This Outfit

Scarf-as-Tie-1-10The sudden urge struck me to toss on a blazer over a button down (collar out, baby!) after watching an episode of...wait for it...The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...

I know...terrible, just terrible of me to watch such smut. But come awesome is Lisa? And Jiggy! I know I'm not the only one who watches that show...admit it!

Well...two of the ladies wore blazers with button downs in an episode filmed in NYC, and I took a mental note to put together a similar outfit.

Then...Sal over at Already Pretty linked to this outfit from The New Professional...and I fell in love! Scarf as a tie? Yes, please! Girly it up with a sparkly necklace?  Don't have to tell me twice.